Startup hops out of incubator with cloud software for pharma

Philadelphia has hatched a startup with ambitious goals for improving how investigators and companies keep in touch during clinical trials. With customers and a third version of its web-based software out the door, myClin has grown out of shared office space in Old City and moved to its own office in a nearby location, MedCity News reported.

Clinical trials involve multiple stakeholders, whose ability to stay on the same page can affect how smoothly human studies of drugs and devices operate. James Denmark, who has worked for the major CRO Covance ($CVD), formed myClin in 2008 to develop technology that would improve communication in studies, which can be notoriously inefficient. Last year, the company released the third version of its social collaboration software for clinical trials.

With more than two dozen trials under its belt, the startup aims to beef up its sales team with positions in North America and Europe, Technically Philly writes. The pitch to pharma sponsors and CROs, at least partly, is to use the software to facilitate secure communication among contractors, sponsors, site workers and study managers to avoid confusion and boost coordination in trials.

"What we have done is to make the complexities that surround all those relationships and systems a little more manageable for the investigator site," Denmark told MedCity News. "We do that through the social collaboration environment we have created."

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