See you at Bio-IT World Expo in Boston

Two of my senior colleagues and I are headed to Boston this week for the Bio-IT World Expo. I'll be posting breaking news from the show as well as interviews with some of the top minds in bioinformatics, clinical IT and discovery software.

Without boring you with the nitty-gritty of my schedule, I'll say that I'm meeting with top IT execs from two of the hottest biopharma companies in the world right now as well as a bunch of software company pros serving the pharma and biotech industries.

-- Look for the breaking news on our website, For a look back at last year's expo, check out our slideshow from almost a year ago.

-- For companies at the show, please keep the news announcements flowing into my inbox at [email protected]

-- Please say hello to me and my colleagues, Arsalan Arif, publisher of FierceBiotech IT, and Julie Notario, our director of marketing programs. Email Arsalan | Email Julie

-- Last but not least, thank you in advance to Bio-IT World Editor Kevin Davies and his colleagues for bringing us all together in Boston again. Good luck to his team and the many presenters at the meeting.

-- Ryan McBride (email | Twitter)