Medidata strengthens data security through Sumo Logic tie up

With some biopharma still wary of moving their data into the cloud and the rest seeking vendors with solid cybersecurity credentials, Medidata ($MDSO) has tapped Sumo Logic and The Herjavec Group (THG) to bolster its defenses. The new system uses machine-learning algorithms to identify threats.

The deal sees Medidata add THG Cloud SIEM to its existing data security measures. THG Cloud SIEM works by pulling in machine data from multiple sources to build a picture of what the network normally looks like. Sumo Logic Anomaly Detection then uses this baseline to spot unusual events, with other systems assessing the threat before alerting IT staff. Medidata thinks these tools will improve its ability to prevent security breaches.

"We have a responsibility to use the most advanced tools available, and THG Cloud SIEM gives us a manageable, actionable, and proactive view of emerging security concerns that most companies never get a glimpse of," Medidata VP of information security Glenn Watt said in a statement. Medidata has rolled out the cybersecurity measures across its client base, which was swelled by the addition of 62 new customers over the first 6 months of 2014.

In a note to investors, Citi analyst Garen Sarafian noted the addition of new clients is up 60% compared to the same point last year, a trend that should help Medidata's attempts to maintain its fast growth by expanding sales beyond its EDC platform. "[Client growth] implies not only strong market acceptance, but a great source to whom it can execute its strategy of further cross sell," Sarafian wrote.

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