GNS Healthcare CEO launches Forbes blog

Colin Hill has a new platform from which to speak out on "big data" analytics in healthcare and other hot topics. The CEO of GNS Healthcare, who should be known to many FierceBiotechIT readers, started his own blog on Forbes' website before Thanksgiving called "Healthcare 2020."

GNS Healthcare has been working on using big data analytics for biological research since 2000, and, as one of the founders of the Cambridge, MA-based company, Hill should have a lot to say about the use of supercomputers and other advanced info tech for improving healthcare. In his first piece, Hill says there's a lack of evidence of what works in healthcare despite an overwhelming increase in data and scientific literature. (Of course, GNS applies reverse engineering/forward simulation technology to crunch large datasets and develop some hypotheses about what an effective treatment might be for a particular patient, for instance.)

"The blog will discuss core challenges facing healthcare from the perspective of accelerating technological advances including breakthroughs in Big Data analytics," Hill wrote in an email to his business contacts. "I know I am not alone in my passion for solving the very big and very real problems facing us in developing the next generation of medicines and providing affordable and high-quality care for all."

In his maiden post, Hill leaves us with a bunch of open questions on this topic: "Can Big Data fix healthcare? What analytic technologies will be required to actually deliver on Big Data's promise and discover what works? What other promises need to be met for this to become a reality, and what will reality look like when evidence becomes available at the push of a button?" he writes.

If Hill can shine a light on some of these topics, the blog could provide some good insights for readers.

- check out the blog

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