Chicago's elite back global hub of biomedical data

Chicago has been home to some of the biggest pharma companies in the world--including AbbVie ($ABBV) and the U.S. headquarters of Takeda--but the Windy City has been secondary at best in the class of U.S. biotech destinations. Now business elites and academics from the University of Chicago have teamed up to capitalize on the strength of the city's location to establish a world-class hub for storing medical and genomic data, The Chicago Tribune reports. As the newspaper reported, fiber-optic networks crisscross the city more times than any other U.S. destination. Add huge amounts of computing power, and the University of Chicago has some of the ingredients of its planned bionimbus cloud, a hub for medical and genomic information. Another crucial component will be money, and that's where the deep-pocketed elites come in. Article

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