West Michigan Preclinical CROs Streamline Ocular Service Offerings Through Alliance

In response to the need for more efficient and cost effective ocular preclinical research programs, PharmOptima LLC and Ophthy-DS Inc. recently announced an alliance.

"With PharmOptima's DMPK and the discovery capabilities of Ophthy-DS, this alliance is a natural fit for both organizations", stated Ophthy-DS CEO Jeff Jamison, PhD, "...moving our operation into PharmOptima's facility allows us to offer our sponsors the same high level of service and quality they have come to expect at a more competitive price." A. Christian Schauer, CEO and President of PharmOptima LLC commented, "Having Ophthy-DS onsite enhances our ability to assist our clients by offering a range of ocular efficacy models for drugs and devices that correlates well with our current ocular Pharmacokinetics, ADME, Pharmacology and Biochemistry services."

About PharmOptima LLC

PharmOptima is a 10 year old preclinical CRO founded and operated by scientists with extensive experience from major pharmaceutical companies. PharmOptima is recognized as a leading CRO conducting ocular research. The company's in vivo research services include drug delivery, efficacy, tolerance, ADME and pharmacokinetics. Their in vitro expertise includes biochemistry, recombinant proteins: cloning and expression, cell-based assays, immunosorbent assays (traditional ELISA and electrochemiluminescence MSD formats) and biomarker research. Being owned and operated by scientists with extensive industry experience, they have first hand experience on both sides of the sponsor/CRO relationship. PharmOptima understands the difficulties and pressures sponsors face and its' team works with sponsors to move projects forward as efficiently as possible while also being mindful of budget constraints.

About Ophthy-DS Inc.

Ophthy-DS is a preclinical CRO specializing in ocular efficacy models for therapeutics and devices. The company provides a growing range of established models including wet and dry AMD, geographic atrophy, diabetic retinopathy, Uveitis and corneal injury. Ophthy-DS is currently developing models for retinal detachment, laser induced CNV, increased intraocular pressure and a unique high throughput low humidity Dry Eye model in mouse, rat and rabbit. Ophthy-DS also creates custom models based on specific sponsor needs. Ophthy-DS maintains an extensive suite of non-invasive assays including SD OCT, con-focal and color fundus photography, ICG and fluorescein angiography and electroretinography (ERG). Ophthy-DS has more than 20 years experience with these assays in Drug Discovery and Basic Science applications.