Charles River will perform HTS programs for its clients using AstraZeneca’s state-of-the-art HTS facility.

A 14% hit rate for drug approvals coming out of clinical trials might not sound great, but MIT researchers say this is much higher than they thought.

No single-source platform for site identification and the lack of a centralized ethics review pathway were cited as slowing the process down.

Hannes Smárason chats with FierceBiotech about WuXi NextCODE's technology, products, investments and the road ahead.

The company's Owkin Socrates platform applies transfer and federated learning to clinical research.

Icon has hired a retired colonel who is moving into the biotech sphere as new president of its subsidiary ClinicalRM.

The SuperHuman library contains over 5,000 hits against each of the 26 Distributed Bio targets in immunology and neurodegeneration.

The $58 million financing round represents biopharma industry's growing interest in genomics data.