XtalPi combines AI, quantum physics and cloud computing to predict drugs’ crystal structures more quickly and accurately.

Hannes Smárason chats with FierceBiotech about WuXi NextCODE's technology, products, investments and the road ahead.

The new deal was built on the successful launch of Halaven and Fycompa in South Africa.

Eric Perakslis' experience with Takeda will help facilitate a new collaboration between the two companies.

Evotec will leverage its iPSC know-how with stem cell-based disease modeling to discover novel drugs for retinal diseases.

Parexel has relaunched its informatics solutions as Perceptive Cloud, the first milestone of the partnership with Microsoft.

X-Chem will screen its DNA-encoded libraries to discover novel antivirals for Gilead.

Enyo Pharma has successfully identified potential targets of its preclinical molecule series EYP002 with Charles River's technology.