The company's Owkin Socrates platform applies transfer and federated learning to clinical research.

Datavant will partner its 150 data sets with the three organizations' unique capabilities to drive clinical trial intelligence.

Eric Perakslis' experience with Takeda will help facilitate a new collaboration between the two companies.

Breakout Labs has backed over 30 companies since it handed out the first batch of grants in 2012.

Parexel has relaunched its informatics solutions as Perceptive Cloud, the first milestone of the partnership with Microsoft.

X-Chem will screen its DNA-encoded libraries to discover novel antivirals for Gilead.

Enyo Pharma has successfully identified potential targets of its preclinical molecule series EYP002 with Charles River's technology.

HitGen has formed a drug discovery research collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim to identify novel small-molecule leads.