Novum upgrades Las Vegas early-phase clinical facility as activities complicate

Female doctor talking to male patient in hospital bed
Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services has renovated its early-phase clinic in Las Vegas. (Getty/monkeybusinessimages)

Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services has upgraded its early-phase clinical facility in Las Vegas, having renovated the 34,000-square-foot clinic and added a new administrative wing.

Study clinics, screening areas, and outpatient return—a dedicated area for outpatient subjects to undergo safety and study assessment—were refurbished.

Novum President and CEO Christopher Chamberlain said in a statement that the upgrades were in line with “the increasingly complex scope” of its early-phase work. “Novum's early phase research business has greatly diversified over the last several years in terms of study types and activities,” he said.

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The CRO conducts studies in virtually all dosage forms and routes of administration, from patches to topical products to solid oral dosage, injectables, etc., Andrea Atencio, a media aide with the company told FierceCRO. Its focus areas span across bioequivalence, complex generics, single- and multiple-ascending dose and large-molecule injectables, and the Houston facility also has a state-of-the-art negative pressure dosing chamber for respiratory studies, Atencio said.

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Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Novum owns two other early-phase clinics; the one in Houston was expanded in 2013, and the Fargo, North Dakoda, unit was acquired the same year. The three facilities have about 550 beds in total, and Atencio said the capacity is roughly split evenly between them.

The Las Vegas facility opened in 2004, employs over 100 staff members and conducted about 70 out of 200 early-phase studies the CRO ran last year, according to Atencio.

Yet early-stage trials aren’t the only service provided at Novum. Through its network of investigator sites in the U.S. and Latin America, Novum can also provide mid- and late-stage services. It has so far conducted over 100 such projects in 65,000 patients and in therapeutic areas such as dermatology, respiratory, women’s health, pain management and allergies.