Meet the new editor of FierceCRO

As the writer and new editor of FierceCRO, I am witnessing firsthand the array of news that can come out of contract research and manufacturing. As we've seen in recent years, CROs and CMOs have been increasingly relied upon by big biotech and pharma companies wanting to save money in clinical trials, and the field has evolved into its own growing movement that is finding a hold in different parts of the world, from Australia, Asia, Europe and everywhere else in between. That growth has led to FierceCRO, and to myself and the rest of the Fierce team look forward to bringing the latest in outsourcing news. FierceCRO is a young website that is still growing, so any feedback or insight you can provide us is greatly appreciated. Feel free to touch base with me personally either by email or Twitter. -- Nesa Nourmohammadi

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