IMARC opens new office in Minnesota

IMARC Research, a CRO based in Strongsville, OH, is opening a new office in the Minneapolis area in an effort to gain a bigger share of the medical device market.

The Minneapolis area is home to many medical device companies: One of the moguls, Medtronic, for example, was founded in northeast Minneapolis; though it has moved its company headquarters to Ireland, it still has operational headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. St. Jude Medical and Boston Scientific are also among the big medical device companies located in the state.

“[T]his new location will allow us to better serve our current clients and develop exciting new partnerships," IMARC CEO and President Sandra Maddock said in a statement about the new branch.

The 17-year-old CRO currently offers services across the span of clinical research assistance, from training staff and site support all the way to auditing and project management, among others. Having worked at over 100 sites, IMARC has never received an FDA warning letter, said John Lehmann, the company’s director of business development.

The new office will be set up in Minnetonka, MN, and led by the company’s senior clinical research specialist James Moat, who has more than 26 years of experience in medical device product development.

The company is not separating functions between the two offices, but will provide the same services in both, said Lehmann. Three employers are currently based in the new location and the company plans to hire additional staff soon.