Those participating in a startup support program will gain immediate access to Science Exchange’s outsourced R&D platform.

Charles River Laboratories snatches up nonclinical CRO MPI Research for $800 million in cash.

Charles River will perform HTS programs for its clients using AstraZeneca’s state-of-the-art HTS facility.

TriNetX's platform uses EHR data to help drug developers with clinical trial protocol design and study site and participant identification.

PPD and Quotient have signed up to a new partnership aimed at speeding up the time it takes to make new drugs for children.

The company's Owkin Socrates platform applies transfer and federated learning to clinical research.

Optimapharma's goal is to become the largest local CRO in Central and Eastern Europe over the next three years.

The deal follows the biopharma industry's growing interest in immuno-oncology.

The SuperHuman library contains over 5,000 hits against each of the 26 Distributed Bio targets in immunology and neurodegeneration.