Cenduit Acquires Patient Reminders™ Service

(Research Triangle Park, NC) – Attendees of the Drug Information Association (DIA) Annual Meeting will be among the first to experience Cenduit's newly acquired Patient Reminders™, a unique service that allows clients/sponsors to reach patients directly with personalized messages and reminders about crucial aspects of their study – thus increasing subject compliance and retention in clinical trials – without purchasing special devices.

Through this acquisition, Cenduit clients now have the option to access a standalone product or utilize as a seamlessly integrated component of their Interactive Response Technology (IRT) system. All IRT data can be integrated into the Patient Reminders platform to complete the full-circuit package of patient participation, including arriving at appointments on time, taking medications on time, returning medications and drug accountability.

Sites that can successfully engage patients through direct communication and reminders about crucial components of their study will differentiate themselves in the industry and increase their probability of success. For example, a recent study reveals a trial in which patients are reminded of appointments via text message saw a 40% increase in retention rates.

Dr. Jogin Desai, CEO, Cenduit, says, "We are excited about making our first acquisition – the first of many steps we are taking to create happier sites. Happy sites are more productive and more profitable, and Cenduit sites are happier because we understand that technology is only part of the equation needed for their success. The other part is a thorough understanding – and response to patient and sponsor needs through continually evolving innovative products and services. Acquiring Patient Reminders is one more example of how Cenduit enables site efficiency and patient compliance for superior outcomes in current and future trials."

Mark Taggart, CEO of Patient Reminders, says Patient Reminders is a natural fit. "The technology we've developed simplifies and amplifies the effectiveness of patient communication throughout a clinical trial. It's an honor to become part of the Cenduit portfolio."

How Patient Reminders is Different

  • Using text, email, voice or iCal alerts to remind patients to medicate correctly, prepare for a site visit and arrive on time with medications increases protocol compliance, patient compliance and patient retention – a critical factor given that patient drop-out rates can be as high as 30%.
  • Freedom from the requirement of linking up with an IRT or EDC system to obtain the patient visit schedule.
  • Removes the need to purchase mobile phones or handheld devices for patients through the integration between the IRT and the Patient Reminders platform.
  • Directly engaging patients so they feel valued and arrive at a site on time and fully prepared.
  • 24/7/365 investigator site support.