Cancer therapies were trialed most among CROs in Q3: Report


More pharmas are hopping on the express train called the cancer treatment business. As a report by BioPharm Insight shows, in the third quarter, cancer-related trials continued to account for the largest number of research studies done by CROs in any region of the world.

The life sciences market analytics company, holding access to different data sets, finds that 827 trials were conducted in the field of cancer therapeutics among CROs in the third quarter—a major increase from the 671 trials in the same period last year. In the second largest research area, central nervous system disorders, CROs conducted 364 clinical trials.

For CRO industry-watchers, the result is likely no surprise with the rising interest in immunotherapy being applied to cancer treatment.

Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline and Gilead tied in the race of initiating the most trials among Big Pharmas, with 26 each.

Two Raleigh, NC-based CROs, PRA Health Sciences and INC Research, share the honor of being the most active CROs in the quarter, with both having started eight studies.

Yet, the title of the most active clinical trial region in the U.S. did not go to North Carolina, but to California, followed by Texas and Florida. However, the report notices that the number of studies carried out in all three states dropped compared to the same period last year.

In Europe, Germany took the crown, with France and the U.K. following in order. With a total of 296 clinical trials started or scheduled to start in the third quarter, Japan outpaced China and became the most active country outside of North America and Europe, according to the report. China, Australia and South Korea had 247, 172 and 108 trials respectively.