Biopharma intelligence firm launches integrated clinical trial database

Biopharma intelligence firm Ozmosi aims to include almost all clinical trials around the world on a single platform.

New Jersey-based biopharma intelligence firm Ozmosi has launched, with the ambition to provide information on almost all clinical trials around the world through a single platform.

The first version of the website includes trial data listed with official registries in the U.S. (, Europe ( and Japan (, while those from China, Australia and New Zealand will be added by the end of this year, Ozmosi said in a release.

Making clinical trial data accessible to patients can help recruit volunteers faster and bring innovative treatments to market sooner. But as Ozmosi Founder and President Beau Bush sees it, the platform is not just for patients, but for researchers and the biopharma industry as well.

“When exploring potential trends and new products, it is important to feel as though you are truly looking at all the possibilities,” he said in an emailed interview with FierceCRO.

Ozmosi assembles trial data from those official sources with small modifications to meet the same standard and to ensure data integrity. This could be particularly helpful to healthcare analysts because they can download and analyze data without the need to clean them.

Staring from June, the NIH-managed also underwent a series of major updates that makes the platform more user-friendly. Some new features already implemented include searches by condition or by the country in which studies are (were) conducted, and search results can also now be downloaded in different formats. Some others under development for future updates include searching for U.S. studies by ZIP code and radius in miles, and the layout is also being redesigned so that the most relevant information is featured more prominently. Improving the platform based on consultation with stakeholders is also specified in the 21st Century Cures Act.

As of September, the NIH database lists all together 254,450 studies in 200 countries, according to the website. That’s compared to more than 280,000 on Ozmosi’s platform, according to the company, whose goal is to expand access to include 99% of all clinical trials around the globe by 2018.

“We are starting to see trends in early trials being conducted outside of the U.S. to stay ‘under the radar,’” Bush said. “These are the trials that we hope to bring light to, to better understand trends and make predictions.”

Apart from more trial inclusions, Bush said Ozmosi’s platform also offers more of the text-heavy data available for download than the actual registries provide for their data. These text-heavy data, when applied to new digital tools like artificial intelligence, could offer more intelligence for identifying trends, Bush said.

As all data are aggregated from publicly available sources, will always remain free. “Ultimately the transparency and access of this information will be critical in making a difference in healthcare,” Bush said. “That is what we stand for at Ozmosi.”

Founded in 2013, Ozmosi also provide Beam, a paid service based on the clinical trial database. It cleans product names and company names for improved search and visualization, and also includes key information such as mechanism of action/target and estimated approval dates based on its internal models. A more upgraded version of this service also includes patient segments, product categories and disease areas along with any other business-specific categories as required by its clients.