Aesica bids to manage its clients' many contractors

Contract drug developer Aesica wants to become its clients' sole point of contact among their many vendors, pitching an all-encompassing service offering.

Under Aesica's model, the company would handle management of all other contractors in the development process, picking which companies to task with certain projects and reducing bureaucratic burdens for its clients, the company said. That simplifies the supply chain and minimizes risk, Aesica said, speeding the path of products to market.

On the other side of the table, Aesica said small and mid-size contractors would benefit from the model, adding their specialties to a pool of vendors instead of going it alone in trying to land pharma clients.

The idea is to "meet the pressing demand from the pharma market for solutions that improve, streamline and significantly simplify their supply chains," Aesica Operations Director Gary Hodges said in a statement.

The U.K.'s Consort Medical acquired Aesica for $374 million last year, adding the company's experience developing drugs to its own services focused on med tech R&D. This month, the company merged its internal Bespak brand, a medical device contractor, with Aesica to create what it calls a leading contender in the market.

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