Xention Participates in €12 Million Atrial Fibrillation Research Consortium

Xention Participates in €12 Million Atrial Fibrillation Research Consortium

Consortium awarded five-year European Union grant under Seventh Framework programme

CAMBRIDGE, UK - XENTION LTD, the Cambridge-based biopharmaceutical company specialising in the discovery and development of ion channel-modulating drugs, announced today that it is a partner in a new multidisciplinary atrial fibrillation research consortium, the ‘European Network for Translational Research in Atrial Fibrillation' (EUTRAF), which has been awarded a €12 million grant to engage in atrial fibrillation (AF) research.

The consortium will undertake a five-year research project with the objective of improving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of AF through the application of a highly integrative research approach.

‘Xention has a broad programme of research and development in atrial fibrillation and is delighted to participate in this consortium with a network of highly respected scientific institutions and clinical experts' said Tim Brears CEO of Xention. Xention's role in the consortium will be to characterize molecular biomarkers of abnormal function of ion channels known to play a role in atrial fibrillation, to validate newly identified ion channels that may have therapeutic potential in AF and to identify pharmacological tools to validate such channels.

About Atrial Fibrillation:

Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is the most common sustained cardiac rhythm disturbance, occurring in between 1 and 2% of the general population. It is estimated that over six million Europeans suffer from this arrhythmia and its prevalence is calculated to increase by at least 2.5 fold in the next 50 years as the population ages. AF confers a five-fold risk of stroke and one in five of all strokes are attributable to AF. The ischemic strokes seen in association with the arrhythmia are often fatal, and those that survive are often left crippled by their stroke and likely to suffer recurrent strokes. Around one percent of the healthcare budget of Western European and North American countries is spent on the management of AF. Thus this disease presents a rapidly growing social, medical and public health problem in need of urgent solution.


The European Network for Translational research in Atrial Fibrillation (EUTRAF) is a consortium of expert groups involved in atrial fibrillation research, including Xention. The consortium was granted €12 million in funding for a five-year atrial fibrillation research project through the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) for European Union research. EUTRAF activities have been grouped into a matrix structure to include participants who possess a broad and synergistic range of scientific and technological expertise.

The consortium is being led by Professor John Camm from St-George‘s University of London (UK) and consists of the following partners:

Maastricht University (Netherlands)
Université Pierre Marie Curie - Paris 6 (France)
Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire - Bordeaux (France)
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (Germany)
University Hospital Magdeburg (Germany)
Universität Bern (Switzerland)
Medical University of Graz (Austria)
Medical Information Technology Solutions (Turkey)
University of Oxford (UK)
UK Health & Environment Research Institute (UK)
Sanofi-aventis Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
Osypka AG (Germany)
Xention Ltd (UK)
Ruprecht-Karls Universität - Heidelberg (Germany)
Philipps Universität - Marburg (Germany)
Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universität - Greifswald (Germany)


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