Xcelience to Create New Jobs; Company Expands Formulation Development and Quality Assurance

Xcelience to Create New Jobs; Company Expands Formulation Development and Quality Assurance

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Despite today's challenging economy, Xcelience, a leader in early-phase drug development services, will move forward with expansion plans to increase headcount in both formulation development and quality assurance, two departments which the company considers to be core strengths.

"We are extremely proud of the fact that so many of our clients have continued to place their trust in us throughout this difficult recession," says CEO Derek Hennecke. "We credit our success to a unique combination of quality-first focus, formulation development expertise and a culture of responsiveness. While other companies may cut corners on quality to win contracts, Xcelience would never engage in this behavior. That is short-term thinking and not in our client's best interest."

Hennecke adds, "Now, as more and more of our clients are returning to the marketplace, we feel well-positioned to meet the increased demand because unlike so many of our competitors, we were able to avoid recessionary layoffs."

Xcelience is committed to delivering creative drug development solutions that win economies for our clients, but never at the expense of the molecule. Xcelience offers a number of defined formulation development programs that enable a faster, more cost effective path to proof of concept, in some cases reducing time to first-in-human by 45%.

"We are fortunate that our solid financial position and continued client support have enabled us to proceed with our expansion strategy," adds VP Randall H. Guthrie. "We believe we are among the first - if not the first - to reverse course and begin expanding for the very bright future we see ahead."

Xcelience LLC is a contract research organization which has been providing formulation development, preformulation, analytical, and clinical trial manufacturing since 1997. The company has a solid reputation for accelerating early development activities to speed potential drugs to clinical trials while applying stage-specific scientific knowledge and experience. Xcelience's unique corporate structure creates project teams that work intensively with each client, bringing an extension of their own organization into the Xcelience lab.

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