Who's next on the biotech buyout hit list?

Now that Biogen Idec is in play, the analysts are on the lookout for the next big acquisition target. Bear Stearns' Mark Schoenebaum has looked over the field and puts Genzyme and Amgen on the top of the list of likely Big Pharma targets--and Amgen probably won't want to play the buyout game until late-stage d-mab data has arrived next year. That leaves Genzyme, according to the smart money. And that's why the company's stock is on the rise. Does anyone at Genzyme feel that a big target has been taped to the company's front door?

- read the report from BusinessWeek
- and this FiercePharma article on a possible Pfizer buyout

ALSO: Genzyme says that a mid-stage trial of Campath shows that it's better at treating MS than Merck's Rebif. Release

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