Vince & Associates Clinical Research Adds Facial Recognition Security to Pharmacy

Overland Park, Kansas - Vince & Associates Clinical Research, a premier provider of early phase clinical research services, today announced it has added facial recognition software as an additional security feature to its pharmacy.

The new system scans over 2,000 points of a user's face multiple times each second and can track the identity of each person who is scanned including the limited key individuals authorized access as well as the identity of those denied access.

Dr. Brad Vince, CEO and Medical Director of Vince & Associates, states "Vince & Associates conducts a large number of clinical trials with controlled substances. In order to ensure the highest level of security with these drug materials, this advanced biometric security system has been implemented in addition to existing security controls."

"As technology advances, we look to implement more sophisticated safeguards for the security measures of controlled substances. The proprietary identification algorithms and interface software of this new system have had years of rigorous field testing," said Scott Smiley, Director of Pharmacy Operations.

Vince & Associates Clinical Research early development center includes a pharmacy with full-time clinical research pharmacists. The Pharmacists have extensive knowledge and experience in preparing and dosing studies via oral, sublingual, intranasal and parenteral routes.

The pharmacy has a USP 797 certified clean room with Class II Biological Safety Cabinet and is set up with a negative pressure, HEPA filtered extemporaneous compounding room equipped with PowderSafe Ductless Balance Enclosure. The pharmacy is essential to the Vince & Associates clinical pharmacology unit and is capable of supporting the dispensing for a wide range of Phase I/IIa studies in both in healthy normal volunteers and special populations.

About Vince & Associates Clinical Research

Vince & Associates Clinical Research has provided clinical research services to the biopharmaceutical industry for 15 years. The research professionals at Vince & Associates are proud to be recognized in the industry as a "Center of Research Excellence."

Vince & Associates currently operates a state-of-the-art, multimillion-dollar, 100-bed clinical pharmacology unit that combines the ultimate in subject safety and luxury. This early development unit has the upscale atmosphere necessary for the recruitment and retention of study volunteers in both short and long-term clinical trials. From the safety and security of the controlled access unit to the added features of a movie theater and game rooms, no detail has been overlooked.

About Altasciences

Altasciences is the parent company of wholly owned subsidiaries Vince & Associates Clinical Research (Kansas, USA) and Algorithme Pharma (Quebec, Canada). Both organizations provide comprehensive early stage clinical services in Phase I/IIa, including the necessary support services in this critical stage of drug development.

More Information

Additional background materials pertaining to Vince & Associates Clinical Research are located on the corporate website at

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