The hospital network achieved the jump in scale by turning to outside backers including Eli Lilly, which collectively pumped $66 million into the fund.

Kerrisdale Capital Management, known for its activist short positions, has given Prothena the unwanted title of the “next big biotech blowup.”

Shanghai-based biotech EOC Pharma has raised $32 million from Chinese investors to help it bring a series of cancer drugs to market.

We kick off a new long form series assessing the life science industry from its leaders with ex-Teva chief Jeremy Levin.

Exicure has pulled in more cash, branching out beyond the tech investors that bankrolled its atypical rise to as it moves into the clinic.

The round equips a team last seen leading Okairos to a €250 million buyout by GSK to take off-the-shelf neoantigen cancer vaccine into the clinic.

New York venture firm Aisling Capital has raised a solid chunk of cash for clinical-stage biotechs as it looks to build on some of its recent successes.

Bay area biotech AvidBiotics has decided that its two development programs would do better as separate companies.

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