The VC fund is setting up the venture with its CSO, David Grainger, Ph.D., and Johnson & Johnson’s Richard Mason. 

The short seller launched the assault after seeing shares in Proteostasis rise 200% in three months.

Artificial intelligence company twoXAR says first-round financing will also help it build its pipeline and recruit new staff.

The IPO will equip Alzheon to take its reworking of a once-failed beta amyloid drug into a pivotal trial in a subset of Alzheimer’s patients.

Ideaya expects to get its first synthetic lethality and immuno-oncology assets into human testing in the first half of next year.

Foghorn seeks to unravel chromatin regulation and develop drugs to correct problems with it.

Perceptive leads a Series B round that will fund Crinetics' CRN00808 candidate through proof-of-concept studies.

European VC firm Forbion, New Science Ventures and BioGeneration Ventures have helped bump up a $19 million series B round for Escalier Biosciences.