Trudeau Institute launches nonprofit contract research organization

Trudeau Institute launches nonprofit contract research organization

Contact: Kim Godreau
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Trudeau Institute

Saranac Lake, N.Y. – The Trudeau Institute announced today that it has expanded the scope of its biomedical research by creating a contract research organization (CRO), the Trudeau Institute Contract Research Organization (TICRO). The Institute is responding to the drug development industry's increased reliance on CROs for specialty research in order to reduce the costs and delays associated with the development of new vaccines and therapeutics.

As world-renowned experts in the study of immunology and infectious disease using animal models, Trudeau scientists will now offer their expertise and models to the biopharmaceutical industry through TICRO. TICRO will provide project-specific infectious disease expertise to biopharmaceutical companies and academic researchers, assist clients with the design and execution of efficient studies with well-defined endpoints, and help accelerate the drug development process.

In offering contract research services, the Institute hopes to develop translational research partnerships with biotech and pharmaceutical companies and to help bring new therapeutics to patients safely and more efficiently.

Dr. Dawn Jelley-Gibbs has been appointed senior CRO program manager for TICRO and is working with the Institute's management team to develop and execute TICRO's scientific program. Jelley-Gibbs earned a B.S. in biology and chemistry in 1993 from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh and a Ph.D. in microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics in 1998 from Albany Medical College. She did her postdoctoral training with Dr. Susan L. Swain at the Trudeau Institute and joined the Institute's faculty in 2005 as a research assistant member.


For nearly 50 years, the Trudeau Institute has been a world-renowned research center focused on understanding the immunological, biological and molecular basis of infectious diseases and immune disorders, particularly in the respiratory tract. TICRO is a full-service contract research organization providing high-quality research project execution to both academic scientists and the biopharmaceutical industry.

TICRO works closely with clients to create the comprehensive study design, management and execution strategies needed to achieve project objectives with exceptional efficiency. Its highly-skilled experts are able to anticipate the challenges of infectious disease research and offer clients creative and personalized project design, while maintaining consistent performance with quality-focused procedures throughout project execution. TICRO's risk assessment experience, project management insights, established processes, and specialized infrastructure enable it to provide clients with high-quality, cost-effective research project design and execution.

TICRO offers specialized expertise and facilities for:

    Immunophenotyping using murine models of infection and host defense, including influenza, tuberculosis and pneumonia;
    Immunogenicity and immunotoxicology evaluation of candidate therapeutics, vaccines and adjuvants; and
    Preclinical efficacy testing of antibacterials, antivirals and vaccines with microbiological and clinical endpoints.