TriMark Publications Announces the TriMark Point of Care Testing Conference 2007 in New York City on October 22

TriMark Publications a global leader in the biotechnology, healthcare and life sciences publishing, announces the TriMark Point of Care Testing Conference 2007 entitled: “Point of Care Testing: Innovation on the Move, From Nanotechnology to Personalized Medicine”

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 11, 2007 -- TriMark Publications (, a global leader in the biotechnology, healthcare and life sciences publishing, announces the TriMark Point of Care Testing Conference 2007 entitled: “Point of Care Testing: Innovation on the Move, From Nanotechnology to Personalized Medicine”

The Conference will be a gathering of global companies leading the way in point of care testing and will include presentations from POC industry experts such as:

Keynote Speaker James Nichols, Ph.D., DABCC, FACB

Tufts University School of Medicine; Bay State Medical Center discussing:

"Integrating Point of Care Testing in Healthcare Facilities"

• POC testing at a regional medical center.

• Integration of POC testing program in health care facility.

• Distinction between POC and over the counter (home) testing.

• Deciding factors in determining which tests to add to one's POC menu.

• Justification, costs and budget for introducing a new test.

Richard Egan, Ph.D.

Nanogen, Inc. discussing:

"Bringing Advanced Diagnostics to the Bedside"

• Designing a third-generation POC system.

• Low-cost fluorescent reader with internal standard.

• Positive sample ID.

• Making the complex simple; sample processing.

• Improving performance of POC assays.

Kent Lewandrowski, M.D., Ph.D.

Mass General; Harvard Medical School; Editor-in-Chief: Point of Care: The Journal of Near Patient Testing Technologies discussing:

“Implementing Point of Care Testing to Improve Patient Outcomes in the Emergency Department”

• Implementing point of care testing to improve patient outcomes in the emergency department.

• Defining and measuring clinical and operational outcomes.

• Selecting the test menu to improve patient care.

• Strategies for implementation: satellite lab to true point of care.

Arnd Kaldowski, Ph.D.

Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics discussing:

"Point of Care Industry Overview and Future Prospects"

• Acquisitions in the point-of-care sector.

• Integration of acquisitions into overall healthcare solutions.

• Point of care market demand.

• New technology platforms for point of care testing.

• New arenas for point of care testing.

Larry Kricka, Ph.D., FACB

University of Pennsylvania Medical Center discussing:

"The Future Is Now: The Role of Technological Innovation and the Impact of Molecular Diagnostics and Microarrays on POC"

• Fail-safes and error prevention technologies.

• How do we assure the right patient is tested?

• How do we assure the test results are accurate and get to the right chart/record?

• What new testing technologies are on the horizon and beyond?

• Increased complexity: impact of molecular diagnostics and arrays on POC.

Joseph Dooley, Ph.D., DABCC, FACB

Editor-in-Chief, TriMark Publications, LLC discussing:

"Business Changes in the Point of Care Testing Sector: What’s Happening and Why"

• Business changes directing the medical industry: how will they adapt?

• The global market size: how big is it now and how fast will it grow?

• U.S. versus rest of the world.

• The key players: who are they and what are their hot new product.

• What is propelling the SOP revolution?

Harry Glorikian

Managing Partner, Scientia Advisors discussing:

"Point of Care Diagnostics and Technology"

• Assessing the POC market drivers and bottlenecks.

• Discussing the potential benefits of the POC market.

• Establishing the current total market size and future growth of the POC market.

• Providing strategic recommendations for near-term business opportunities.

• Assessing current commercial uses of the POC market.

Bob Kunkler

VP of Business Development, Abbott Point of Care (i-STAT) discussing:

"Point of Care Testing with the Abbott i-STAT"

• Trends in healthcare and their impact on point of care testing.

• Role in protocols and process improvement efforts.

• Consumer-driven healthcare and the movement of care closer to the consumer.

• Point of care testing’s impact on the value of diagnostics.

Sheldon Campbell, M.D., Ph.D.

Yale School of Medicine

"Teaching Point of Care to Our Next Generation of Physicians"

• Increasing impact of point of care devices on care in the coming decades.

• Are clinicians ready to manage outpatient POC programs?

• Who has the directional responsibility for inpatient POC programs?

• What the medical students should be taught.

• Barriers to teaching medical students POC.

The Conference will be held on Monday, October 22, 2007 at The Princeton Club of New York located at 15 West 43rd Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues) New York, New York. Registration details at

Top Five Reasons To Attend the TriMark Conference:

•    Discover the POC sectors with the greatest prospective growth, ensuring you can successfully align your future strategies with predicted success.

•    Evaluate the competitive dynamics of the POC market and understand the changing relationship between IVD companies and the POC testing sector.

•    Identify the key players in the POC market, recognize lucrative partnering opportunities and benchmark your strategies against the leading players.

•    Assess opportunities and challenges faced by diagnostic companies in gaining acceptance of innovative technologies by payers, regulators and users.

•    Understand the factors driving growth of the point of care market, which represents over 30% of global in vitro diagnostics sales.

Registration Fees for the Conference:

•    Standard Registration Fee is $995.

•    At-the-Door Fee (on October 22, 2007; subject to seating availability) will be $1,295.

Register at

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