Total capacity management explained in new whitepaper from storage switzerland

Total capacity management explained in new whitepaper from storage switzerland
Importance of Single View of IT Infrastructure for Informed Decision Making Emphasized
Dallas, Texas, May 29, 2009 - Tek-Tools Software, a leading provider of IT resource management software solutions, today announced the availability of a whitepaper that explains "Total Capacity Management." Written by renowned storage and virtualization industry analyst and founder of Storage Switzerland George Crump, the whitepaper focuses on capacity planning in the three key areas - storage, virtualization and backup.

It explains that the goal of Total Capacity Management is to ensure that all resources in the data center are utilized at an effective but safe level. Further, it describes the important complimentary relationship between resource utilization tools and capacity planning tools to achieve proper utilization balance.

The value of a single view
In any enterprise IT environment, storage, server virtualization and backup platforms are interrelated in such a way that activity in any one area always affects another. As such, it is critical to have a single console from which to manage them all. Most common is the need to monitor and manage processor and storage requirements in real-time to maximize existing resources. Plus, it is ever more important in today's cost conscious world to delay purchase decisions as long as possible, especially on expensive resources such as servers and storage.

"Most every enterprise organization out there is scrutinizing budgets, especially in costly, but critical areas such as IT infrastructure," said Tek-Tools President and CEO Ken Barth. "What this paper emphasizes is the need to understand what IT assets are in place and how they are interrelated in order to optimize utilization. A single management console from which to view physical and virtualized storage, servers, backup and applications is essential to make educated, sound business decisions such as where capital investment is necessary and where it can be delayed."

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