Top 15 Pharma R&D Budgets; The Most (and Least) Efficient Pharmas;

> Which Big Pharma companies are most efficient? We've examined the top 10 pharma companies and, with employment data provided by Hoover's, determined which get the most for their money. The Most (and Least) Efficient Big Pharmas

> FierceBiotech analyzed the EU's newly released Industrial R&D Investment Scorecard and came up with the top 15 pharma R&D budgets around the world, with some additional insights into the companies' discovery strategies. Top 15 Pharma R&D Budgets

> We here at FierceBiotech thought it might be helpful for readers to know more about the biotech writers we like to follow. So we put together a list of the top witers in biotech. Winners

> Oncologics, lipid regulators, respiratory agents, antidiabetics and anti-ulcerants are the five largest drug classes by sales. But annual sales are only half the story. Which drug classes are booming, and which have plateaued--or even dropped? Fastest growing therapeutic classes

> The cold, hard fact of drug R&D is that most projects fail. Of the thousands of candidates under development, only a handful get approved, and even fewer grow up to be blockbusters. Pharma's Biggest Flops

 > It is not enough to invent a potential new miracle drug. If there is no efficient way to get the therapeutic to exactly where it is needed, without harming healthy cells, then the drug is no "miracle" at all. So check ou tthe Top 5 Game-Changing Drug Delivery Technologies

> In recent years, Big Pharma has begun to look beyond brand-name drugs to the generics market. With the rising costs of healthcare, governments and payers alike are pushing for increased generics usage. Top 10 Generic Drug Companies

> Big pharma means big money, especially for thieves. In a much publicized and spectacular heist, burglars made off with $75 million worth of drugs from an Eli Lily warehouse in Connecticut last March. That's one high-value hit. Top 10 Pharma Cargo Thefts by Value

And Finally... Four Star Trek medical technologies we use today. Report