Three Early Stage Companies Raise Capital from Private Investors through LAUNCHfn's Proven Process -- Discover The Capital Rais

Discover how three companies raised private investor money by tapping into Launch Funding Network's ( strategies, resources, and investor community. Each company was rigorously screened, qualified, prepared and guided through LAUNCHfn's capital campaign process, leading to their successful funding through the Network of Business Angels & Investors. NBAI is considered the most demanding, yet active angel investor group in the Southeast.

Atlanta,GA (PRWEB) September 26, 2007 -- Raising Private Equity capital is difficult. Many companies never reach their goals in raising the capital they seek. Three companies recently discovered the secret to attracting the capital they need. Those secrets have been documented and made available to all companies coming to LAUNCHfn for assistance for free: Get Investor Money ( LAUNCHfn is committed to helping small businesses succeed by bringing needed resources and capital to them so they can grow and become profitable businesses. When companies are ready, they are offered the opportunity to present to the Network of Business Angels & Investors at their Private Equity Investor Forum, held 6 times a year. The three companies receiving investment capital through the NBAI membership and later syndicated through the Launch Funding Network in the first half of this year are Vystar, Tego, and Tricycle.

Small business owners come to Launch Funding Network when they need help preparing and attracting capital. Sometimes they have struggled trying to find capital on their own. Often they have had some success but have hit a wall. They need help to move from their affinity group to the world of objective investors. Objective investors are those private equity investors that are in the "business of investing". They are harder to attract because they want to invest in businesses that have viable business models, good management teams, and unique products that have potential to create new markets or dominate existing markets.

Vystar is an innovative life sciences company that has invented a way to isolate the protein in latex that causes the allergic reaction to latex. They have licensed their patented process to one of the largest manufacturers of latex in the world and expect their non-allergenic latex, called Vytex, to hit the market in late 2007. They began working with LAUNCHfn in early 2006, gaining approval to present at a spring NBA&I Private Equity Investor Forum. Many NBA&I members made the decision to invest in Vystar as a bio-tech investmentn opportunity. LAUNCHfn continued to offer advice and counsel, engaging such services as their in-house legal counsel and part-time CFO services. Further LAUNCHfn, was able to help Vystar syndicate with investors from other markets, with the greatest response coming from an angel investor group in New York. LAUNCHfn continues to work with Vystar as they move to different rounds of funding and require more complex services.

Tego offers manufacturing, transportation and distribution industries a breakthrough technology that delivers a passive (no battery), yet programmable RFID tag for storing 1000 times more data in memory than today's RFID tags, yet it can still be read by standard existing RFID readers. This is a very significant technology shift that allows many new applications, already being demanded for machine maintenance activities in heavy industrial markets such as aerospace, defense, automotive, and manufacturing. They have already achieved a prototype RFID chip that is performing very well in continued testing, and are working now with a major supplier to Boeing, as well as other large companies in the RFID industry. NBA&I Members participated in Tego's seed round to bridge to their A round.

Tricycle brings high-tech to a low-tech industry. Tricycle uses a unique computer aided graphics design methodology to simulate the look and feel of textiles, specifically carpet and floor covering. This is a green company that saves carpet manufacturers millions of dollars in production and shipping costs. Designers love the realistic simulation of the carpet samples and the flexibility to create the look and feel of their design for their clients. With significant revenue to build upon, they are expanding into other textile markets. NBA&I Members invested in the bridge round to their next institutional round.

These companies put the elements together to be an attractive investment for angel investors from different geographies. As part of an overall capital campaign strategy they put in place, they applied and were approved to present to LAUNCHfn's funding partner the NBA&I ( Equity Investor Forum. They presented a compelling story, followed up with the investors, and provided the necessary due diligence documents. They took advantage of the strategies and recommendations of LAUNCHfn ( LAUNCHfn has just released the secrets to Get Investor Money to entrepreneurs who opt in to receive the 7 tips by email so they can enjoy similar success in their own capital campaigns. Entrepreneurs that are ready to meet with investors are encouraged to apply to present at an upcoming (Register ( NBAI Private Equity Investor Event.

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