Thermo Fisher Scientific and Proteome Sciences Form Protein Biomarker Collaboration

23 Sep 2010 - Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and Proteome Sciences plc announced the companies will collaborate to deliver products for protein biomarker research. The collaboration unites the talent and resources of the proteomics reagent team at the Thermo Fisher Scientific Biomarker Research Initiatives in Mass Spectrometry (BRIMS) Center with Proteome Sciences (PS) to further develop quantitative proteomic workflows that are based on best-in-class reagents and hardware and Anzeige software for biomarker discovery and validation.

As part of the collaboration, Proteome Sciences will combine state-of-the-art Thermo Scientific mass spectrometry technology with its integrated PS Biomarker Services workflow that is powered by tandem mass tag (TMTTM) reagents.

Proteome Sciences and Thermo Fisher Scientific have already been working together following the licensing of Proteome Science's isobaric mass tagging reagents. The companies have recently expanded the range of products through the launch of a cysteine-reactive sixplex TMT® set and an anti-TMT® antibody used to enrich labelled peptides that improve sensitivity and breadth of coverage for many low-abundance proteins. Proteome Sciences holds patents covering the field of isobaric mass tagging, and further products will be launched in 2011 based on the core TMT chemistry.