Theravance wins $10M milestone on Phase II data

Mid-stage data from an experimental COPD therapy under development by GlaxoSmithKline researchers came in positive, and that will be worth a $10 million milestone payment for Theravance. Theravance discovered GSK961081 (081), which researchers say was well tolerated in the study with no serious side effects.

"We are very encouraged by the results of this study," said Rick Winningham, CEO of Theravance. "'081 is the first compound studied in COPD patients that combines the activity of both a beta2 agonist and a muscarinic antagonist in a single small molecule. We believe that this compound may provide a new monotherapy treatment option for the increasing number of patients living with COPD, or potentially as combination therapy with an anti-inflammatory medication."

Theravance separately announced that an early stage trial of GSK1160724/TD-4208 demonstrated that the drug was generally well tolerated at all doses tested. In addition, TD-4208 showed the potential for 24-hour bronchodilation in COPD patients. That's also good news for Theravance, which was recently notified that it is getting the development program back from Glaxo and is now looking for a new partner for the program.

- check out the trial results
- and also this release
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