Sweden to invest $ 320 million in life sciences

Sweden to invest $ 320 million in life sciences 

Stockholm September 11, 2012: A delegation of four ministers from the Swedish Government, led by the Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt today confirmed the country's largest ever investment in life sciences as a key element of the ruling coalition's autumn budget and research and innovation bill. In his speech given at SciLifeLab, a major research infrastructure project designed to maintain the country's leadership in protein science, Prime Minister Reinfeld announced a package of measures totaling some $ 1.7 billion over the next 4 years of which $ 320 million is devoted to the life sciences. The main highlights of the package (for the period 2013-16) are: 

· $ 100 million investment in SciLifeLab, a center combining state-of-the-art research infrastructure with a broad knowledge in translational medicine and molecular bioscience in order to translating discoveries into both tools and therapies. This investment more than doubles the Government's current funding of SciLifeLab. 

· Additional $ 220 million investment in drug discovery, clinical research, antibiotic resistance research, health in aging and the use of patient registers 

The majority of the life science investments will be in Stockholm-Uppsala region, already home to more than 50% of Sweden's thriving life science industry. Stockholm-Uppsala Life Sciences CEO Ola Bjorkman welcomed the Prime Minister's commitment: "In our recently published report, we pointed out the ambitious, future plans for further strengthening the life science sector in Stockholm-Uppsala, thereby ensuring that the region remains a truly global life science cluster. In particular, the investment in SciLifeLab with its cutting edge research infrastructure combined with parallel investments in drug discovery, clinical research and the use of patient registers open new avenues for developing more personalized and outcome orientated healthcare." 

For more information please contact: CEO, Ola Björkman, Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science +46 70 245 74 97 

To download the report please goes to www.suls.se and find downloads http://suls.se/static/uploads/2012/09/Facts-and-figures-on-Swedens-number-one-life-science-region-2012.pdf

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