Spotlight On... M Pharmaceutical signs rejigged orlistat deal as it looks to end 'bullous eruptions'; Incyte acquires Jakafi rights; Replicel restructures, cuts staff and programs; and more...

M Pharmaceutical has penned a deal to acquire a new version of the ageing anti-obesity drug orlistat from privately owned Chelatexx. The Vancouver-based biotech has acquired C-103, a reformulation of orlistat, for an advance payment of $200,000, plus 10 million M Pharma shares, while a "low single-digit" royalty percentage will be paid to Chelatexx on net sales of the drug. Orlistat is currently marketed in prescription strength by Roche ($RHBBY) and in the lower OTC strength by Glaxo's ($GSK) Consumer Healthcare unit--but according to M Pharma, sales of the drug have fallen from their peak due to "uncomfortable and well-publicised" GI side effects. These include, according to the drug's safety profile, "bullous eruptions," fecal incontinence and gingival disorders, among a host of other side effects. The reformulation--patented by KY-based Chelatexx--is set to change all that by keeping the efficacy of the drug whilst minimizing--or completely getting rid of--many of these AEs. M Pharma said it was also in the process of raising up to $700,000 by placing new shares and warrants. Story

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>  Incyte has acquired the rights to develop and commercialize ruxolitinib (Jakafi), its JAK1/JAK2 inhibitor, for graft-versus-host disease from Eli Lilly. A pivotal program for GVHD will start later in the year. Incyte also amended its Collaboration and License Agreement with Novartis, granting Novartis exclusive research, development and commercialization rights for ruxolitinib in GVHD outside the U.S. Release

> Vancouver-based Replicel Life Sciences, a regenerative med company, has restructured, laying off staffers and slashing costs by 60%.  Release

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