Spotlight On... Kannalife considers an IPO; Biotech stalwart Mann dies at 90; and more...

New York biotech Kannalife Sciences is weighing an IPO in hopes of bankrolling its work on a cannabis-based treatment for a rare brain disorder. As Reuters reports, the company has a preclinical therapy for hepatic encephalopathy, a disease caused by blood toxins reaching the brain and affecting cognitive function. The plan, Kannalife said, is to raise between $5 million and $10 million in a mezzanine round before starting down the road to an IPO, according to Reuters. News

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> Longtime biotech entrepreneur Al Mann, founder of MannKind ($MNKD), has died at the age of 90. Story

> Peregrine Pharmaceuticals' ($PPHM) shares fell more than 60% after the company's lung cancer therapy bavituximab failed in Phase III. Item

Medical Device News

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> FDA warns of unintentional head movement during surgery despite use of skull clamp. Story

> Boston upstart raises $46M, makes acquisition for translational imaging in biopharma R&D. More

Pharma News

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@CarlyHFierce: ICYMI: Short on label expansions, Pfizer nabs FDA OK for new, once-daily Xeljanz. Story | Follow @CarlyHFierce

> Opdivo wins thumbs up from CHMP for two indications, in lung and kidney cancers. News

> Analyst: Valeant better bring back Pearson if it wants to stay in the game. More

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