Skysis Announces Formation of Professional Services Firm to Support Life Science Companies

Committed to providing seasoned commercial expertise to forward-thinking pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies looking to achieve a higher level of success

NEW YORK, June 7, 2011/- Skysis, LLC, a professional services firm of experienced life science executives, is now offering clients a unique opportunity to access deep commercial expertise in the areas of new product planning, brand management, business development, transaction advisory and executive management services. 

Skysis expects to capitalize on a key trend driving change in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries-specifically the demand for highly relevant and experienced commercial experts, leveraged on a variable cost basis, to manage complex issues and dynamic workloads across a product's lifecycle. Skysis has established a team of seasoned professionals to augment existing internal resources and take on key initiatives that will help clients achieve a higher level of success.

"For small and emerging clients, we can implement proven and tested processes and manage necessary commercial activities while delaying the need to bring on high-cost infrastructure prior to achieving key milestones," noted Co-Founder and Managing Director Dan Twibell. "Skysis relies on speed, flexibility and a hands-on approach with a passion unmatched anywhere. Our clients benefit by leveraging our high-value insights that are delivered through a variable cost model."

The Skysis Management Team has significant experience both on the client and service sides of the life science industry. Collectively, the Company's professionals have managed over 200 engagements across nearly all therapeutic categories during the past 25 years.

"Our mid-size and larger clients appreciate how we can seamlessly integrate with their existing teams, accelerating productivity and systematically reducing costs. Whether it is an interim assignment with an embedded individual or team of professionals or a specialized project, we are able to help our clients manage growth challenges while reducing their risk and providing them with greater flexibility," commented Co-Founder and Managing Director Norm Stalsberg.

Skysis is proud of the fact that their professionals can be accessed on either a full-time or partially dedicated basis, working on-site or off-site as needed and with as little or as much oversight from a client as desired. Given the typical profile of the Company's team members, averaging over 20 years of relevant functional and life science industry expertise, clients appreciate the fact that these veterans can operate with virtually no learning curve.

"We strongly believe that the traditional approach to launching and promoting products-reliance on fixed cost infrastructure-is being replaced by hybrid models that leverage the efficiency, flexibility and deep expertise associated with variable-cost resources," commented Co-Founder and Managing Director Jeff Martini. "We are excited about the future and look forward to building a truly unique firm that can help our clients achieve a higher level of success."