Sirtris causes stir with positive trial data

Sirtris grabbed some headlines at the JP Morgan gathering in San Francisco with its presentation of positive, early-stage data for its closely watched therapy based on resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine that has been linked to increased longevity. In a small diabetes trial the drug delivered positive safety data and demonstrated its ability to cut blood glucose levels. The drug is also in a mid-stage trial in combination with metformin as a therapy for diabetes.

"This is the first time that a small molecule targeting sirtuins, the genes which control the aging process, has shown efficacy in a disease of ageing," said Dr Peter Elliott, senior vice president of development at Sirtris, a 2007 Fierce 15 company. "We are very pleased to see the safety profile observed in preclinical studies translate into a well-tolerated drug molecule in patients, and we are very encouraged by the glucose-lowering effects measured in the oral glucose test."

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