Selventa and Rosa Announce Strategic Partnership

Selventa and Rosa Announce Strategic Partnership

Collaboration to Improve and Accelerate Drug Discovery and Development through Biomarker Identification and Portfolio Optimization


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Selventa, which evolved from Genstruct, Inc. today announced that it has formed a strategic scientific alliance with Rosa and Co. (, a drug development advisory firm with expertise in drug-disease modeling and simulation. The alliance will bring together established analytical capabilities of both companies to better inform drug discovery and development decisions.


"The Selventa and Rosa collaboration empowers our clients to seamlessly generate mechanistic hypotheses and stratify patients, and quantitatively evaluate them through modeling and simulation of mechanism potential, candidate drug efficacy, and ultimately patient outcomes," said Ron Beaver, Ph.D., President and CEO of Rosa and Co. "Together, we can deliver greater scientific insight and better inform discovery and development decisions. For example, molecular mechanisms and off-target effects of our pharmaceutical partners' candidate drugs can be identified initially by Selventa's technology, and candidate compounds and effective doses can be evaluated by Rosa's PhysioPDTM capabilities, prior to clinical development."


The new partnership will provide access to a synergistic combination of knowledge assets, proprietary data, physiologic model libraries and expertise in disease areas such as oncology, immunology, respiratory, inflammatory and metabolic diseases. Our combined modeling and analysis integrates genomic and transcriptomic, in vitro, animal and clinical data in a coherent, easily understandable, quantitative model. As a result, we will impact the development of candidate mechanisms, compounds and doses using client-specific, patient-derived drug-disease models prior to clinical trials.


"This partnership is an excellent strategic fit with the drug discovery work already underway with our clients," said David de Graaf, Ph.D., President and CEO of Selventa. "Collaborating with Rosa on future discovery projects allows us to not only leverage our proven core expertise, but also enhance the capabilities to impact future drug development decisions from translational medicine to clinical proof-of-concept stages."


About Rosa


Rosa informs our customer's most critical decisions - from preclinical through clinical development - with the creation and use of mathematical models that simulate disease physiology, drug action, patient variability, and trial outcomes. To address the full spectrum of related issues, Rosa offers two customized approaches: classic pharmacokinetic/ pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) models and Rosa's innovative PhysioPDTM models. With these approaches, Rosa's clients collaborate in model creation and testing, retain the final model, and acquire the ability to use and interpret it. Rosa's staff have unparalleled experience in drug-disease modeling and simulation (M&S), spanning hundreds of applications and dozens of clients over close to two decades of professional experience. Rosa is unique in their breadth and depth of disease area experience, including metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, oncology, gastro-intestinal disease, inflammatory diseases, immune dysfunction (including rheumatoid arthritis), pain, skin conditions, respiratory, and antibacterials/antivirals. For more information, visit


About Selventa


Founded in 2002 and privately-held, Selventa helps clients find optimal treatments for the right patients by offering scientific consulting services, software and strategic partnerships. The company analyzes molecular patient data, accelerates the development process and clarifies therapeutics and diagnostics decisions. Selventa engages in short-, mid- and long-term relationships with top-tier pharmaceutical and life science companies to develop new therapeutics and mechanistic biomarkers in the areas of oncology, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and drug safety. For more information, visit