See you in San Francisco…

For a lot of people in biotech, the trek to San Francisco for J.P. Morgan's Healthcare Conference has become a yearly ritual. It's the initial foray that marks every New Year, when we begin to test resolutions regarding important new partnerships, fundraisings, and getting back in touch with long-time colleagues. After all, in a business where a heavy churn of players is a mark of success, networking is key to long-term survival.

So here we are, just days away from the next J.P. Morgan event, and FierceBiotech has teamed up with EBD Group to design a simple online networking aide to help biotech executives make the most of their time in San Francisco. It's called connectingSF. Sign up via this link--it's free, only takes one minute--and you'll be able to quickly locate colleagues or identify potential new partners. It's all part of the virtual, virtuous circle. I'm on it, and so is FierceBiotech's publisher Arsalan Arif (twitter | e-mail). We're both using connectingSF to schedule meetings and encourage you to do the same.

Also, EBD Group is also back for its second annual Biotech Showcase which occurs concurrently with the J.P. Morgan event. In its first year, this one-day program featured a slate of private biotech companies. This year, the event will expand to a second day (Tuesday and Wednesday) and include public biotech companies. We'll be mingling with the biotech execs at both events. I hope to see you online--and in person. - John Carroll (e-mail)