Scottish Stem Cell Network and Partnership win Technology Strategy Board Funding

Scottish Stem Cell Network and Partnership win Technology Strategy Board Funding
Scottish Stem Cell Network, on behalf of its partners; KLCE Consulting Ltd, Roslin Cells Ltd, the University of Edinburgh and its subcontractor, New Game Plan Ltd, is delighted to announce that the Technology Strategy Board has awarded the consortium a grant to develop a Therapy Pathway Realisation Tool (TRPT) applied to three representative regenerative medicine therapeutic products (REALISE). The project will take 18 months to complete.

The £444,000 award was made under the Technology Strategy Board Regenerative Medicine Programme: Value Systems and Business Models. This is in addition to the funding provided by Scottish Enterprise and a grant from BioQuarter.

To lead the programme for Scottish Stem Cell Network a new project manager, Margaret-Ann Pearson, has been recruited and joined the business on April 12th. Margaret-Ann previously held senior business and marketing roles in the pharmaceutical sector and was most recently with Bristol Myers Squibb.

"I am delighted to welcome Margaret-Ann to the team, her skill set is exactly what the programme needs whilst her previous experience will be of additional value to the Network" said Kevin Price, Chief Executive Officer.

The REALISE project will develop a software based tool that researchers and companies will be able to use to better understand and plan the optimal route for the commercialisation of new regenerative medicine therapies. This will be used in the first instance to develop commercialisation plans for three new therapies currently in development with Roslin Cells. In addition, it will form the basis of a generic tool with wider applicability across the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic sectors.

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