Schering-Plough CEO applauded for turnaround

BusinessWeek adds to the praise that's been heaped around Schering-Plough CEO Fred Hassan. After giving shareholders a dose of realism in 2003 when he took over, Hassan has been steadily rebuilding the company and positioning it for the future. Through it all he's had to inspire demoralized workers as well as investors, and has been given a tremendous amount of credit for accomplishing the task. His new mission lies in inspiring the workers at Organon Biosciences, which is being acquired in a $14.6 billion takeover. Hassan gave himself seven years to complete the turnaround, but some analysts say he's done a fine job in less than that.

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ALSO: Schering-Plough's stock was up this morning on more praise from analysts while the FTC is asking for more information on the takeover. Company officials describe the request as routine. Report