Say hello to FiercePharma

Today we launch FiercePharma, our new daily newsletter on the trends, news and events revolving around global Big Pharma companies. For the Life Sciences division of FierceMarkets, the new publication gives us a chance to delve deeply into the decisions and operations of the FDA, the market development of approved drugs, corporate strategies, the generic drug industry and a host of other issues facing pharma companies. For FierceBiotech, the new venture allows me a chance to delve more deeply into the development of experimental drugs and emerging biotech companies. On Wednesday, for example, we'll begin a weekly series of profiles of biotech companies making headlines around the world. And as many of you have discovered over the last few months, our weekly FierceBioResearcher report offers insights and the latest news on the science of drug discovery, with a special focus on the preclinical developments that will prompt new drug programs. Together, these three publications will give you a detailed look at the entire life sciences industry, from conception all the way through to the generic. And we put it all together on our newly redesigned website.

As always, the reports are free. Just go to or sign up here. -John Carroll