Saudi Arabia launches plan to become biotech hub by 2040

Saudi Arabia has launched a national biotech strategy in an effort to become an international biotech hub within the next 16 years.

The strategy is part of a broader project, dubbed Vision 2030, which also aims to position the country as a biotech leader in the Middle East and North Africa region by 2030.

Launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the National Biotechnology Strategy will advance Saudi Arabia’s capabilities across four main areas: vaccines, bio-manufacturing and localization, genomics and plant optimization, as reported Jan. 25 by the Al Arabiya News.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, Saudi Arabia is committing to new vaccine tech development, with priority placed on advanced manufacturing capabilities and establishing local bio-manufacturing platforms. 

By improving its biotech capabilities, the country hopes to boost domestic production, spur job creation and drive economic growth and diversification, according to the release.