Sanofi signs stem cell pact in China

Sanofi-aventis announced that it has signed a deal to collaborate with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences on stem cell research. Sanofi hopes to isolate acute myeloid leukemia stem cells and generate of monoclonal antibodies against these cells. New therapeutics could be built from the research.

During a signing ceremony held in Beijing, China, Dr. Qi-Min Zhan, Vice President Research, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences touted the pact. "This collaboration with a large and well-known pharmaceutical company is a significant progress for the academy; it clearly demonstrates that the work of our scientists on the leading-edge of cancer research is acknowledged. We actively encourage many more such initiatives."

China is becoming an increasingly attractive R&D site for major pharmaceutical companies. While it has already made tremendous inroads as a manufacturing center for the world, it's now making enormous investments in R&D to propel the country into the top ranks of world innovators.

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