Sanofi makes moves in China

In the Wall Street Journal, Sanofi's R&D chief Marc Cluzel (photo) discusses the company's plans for expanding in China. Back in September Sanofi signed a deal to collaborate with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences on stem cell research. As many as five more deals will follow, though Cluzel declined to say which partners Sanofi has approached and how much money the company intends to invest in China. The company is hoping to work with universities and state-funded research institutions.

Despite recent concerns about the quality of Chinese-made medical products, the country is actively pursuing an increased role in biotech R&D. Cluzel says the talent pool and entrepreneurial spirit of Chinese researchers will help the country become a leader in the biotech industry. "I think the amount of people with a master's [degree] in biology in China is now bigger than the number of people with a master's in biology in the U.S. The number of people with a Ph.D. in biology in the U.S. is still higher than in China, but it's getting closer and closer," Dr. Cluzel said. "And they are doing some good fundamental science. One day or another there will be a payback."

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