Sangamo, Sigma-Aldrich ink Roche deal

Sangamo and Sigma-Aldrich have inked a deal with Roche for the use of zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) technology to develop cell-lines and transgenic animals that have targeted modifications in a specified gene in a specified species. Roche gets an exclusive license for the commercial use of such ZFN-generated transgenic animals for drug development work. Roche will pay research fees but exact numbers weren't discussed.

"There is growing appreciation of the value of ZFN technology as a rapid, reliable and highly specific tool for modifying genes in eukaryotic cells and whole organisms," said David Smoller, Ph.D., President of Sigma-Aldrich's Research Biotech Business Unit. "We are excited to be working with Sangamo to provide Roche with high-value ZFN reagents for the generation of transgenic animals. ZFN technology promises to enable the generation of a variety of transgenic models of human disease, expediting drug development and production."

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