San Francisco panel draws top clinical trial experts

Tomorrow I'll be sitting down with a group of top clinical trial executives in the Bay Area to discuss the way studies are designed these days--and how they can be done better. All five of my guests have been right in the thick of things with some of the world's most promising compounds.

There's been a considerable amount of work done on finding new approaches that can get a biotech through the nail-biting Phase II process with the kind of data that wins partners, licensing deals and perhaps a buyer. I'm particularly pleased to have experts from Big Pharma, academia and biotech joining the discussion. These days, drug development is a team effort, with contributions from a variety of sources. Making that work at a time when the heat is on to try and control costs and produce better data with smaller patient groups is a big challenge.

I hope you'll join us tomorrow at San Francisco's Hotel Nikko as we tackle one of the most critical subjects in the drug development world. The breakfast is sold out but you can visit the event website for waiting list information. - John Carroll (email | twitter)