Salix plans a tax inversion; Lexicon teams up with JDRF on diabetes PhII;

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> Salix Pharmaceuticals ($SLXP) has engineered a reverse merger with Cosmo Pharmaceuticals that will grant it an Irish domicile, joining the cadre of drugmakers fleeing to the country for its lower tax rate. Article

> JDRF has signed on to help fund Lexicon Pharmaceuticals' ($LXRX) Phase II study of LX4211 in young patients with Type 1 diabetes. The drug is an inhibitor of SGLT1 and SGLT2, designed to lower blood glucose levels by expelling excess sugars through the urine. More

> Mariel Therapeutics is buying some bone protein biologics from medical device giant Stryker ($SYK), assets the company said could become treatments for osteoarthritis, chronic kidney disease and organ fibrosis ailments. Story

Medical Device News

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> India may alter medical device taxation that favors imports. Item

> Zimmer, Biomet hit regulatory speedbump in pending merger. Story

> NeuroMetrix gains on FDA clearance of over-the-counter wearable, chronic pain device. Article

Pharma News

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> Actavis cans 190 Forest workers while 6 execs share up to $186M in deal 'awards.' News

> Salix picks up Cosmo's Irish unit for $2.7B and a lower tax bill. News

> EU's third pay-for-delay action nails Servier, Teva, Mylan and others. Article

Drug Delivery News

> Researchers develop new chemo that targets mitochondrial DNA. Report

> Sanofi Pasteur taps CureVac for its RNA vaccine tech. Story

> InSite plans 2015 FDA submission for inflammation eye drop with suspended delivery. News

> Vaginal ring achieves localized, sustained release of anti-HIV drugs. More

> MIT, MicroCHIPS develop remote-controlled contraceptive with on-off delivery. Article

Diagnostics News

> U.K. company readies jump into bustling prenatal Dx market. Article

> NIH gives Kansas City startup $3M to come up with a quicker sepsis Dx test. More

> UC San Diego biomarker discovery could boost brain cancer drug's success rate. Story

> With funding secured, Definiens CEO Heydler talks about hoped-for digital tissue Dx boom. Article

> Proteome Sciences, U.K. academics spot 10 Alzheimer's predictive biomarkers in blood. Report

Pharma Marketing News

> Which big brands will still be bringing in the big bucks in 2020? Report

> Merck reaches doctors in India with online teaching tool. More

> Biogen prices new, long-acting hemophilia med with eye on patient-switching. Article

> Report: Cancer immunotherapy market to hit $9B by 2022. Item

> Is a price war imminent when Sanofi's Lantus patent falls? Story