Rohm And Haas Awarded Grant To Demonstrate New Catalyst Technology For Biodiesel Production

AMBERLYSTâ„¢ BD20 Brings Feedstock Flexibility to Biodiesel Producers

Philadelphia, PA, (PRWEB) October 25, 2007 -- Rohm and Haas ( was pleased to accept a grant in the amount of $752,000 through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program. The grant supports Rohm and Haas's development of a newly commercial polymeric catalyst technology, AMBERLYSTâ„¢ BD20 specialty catalyst. The AMBERLYSTâ„¢ BD20 technology allows the production of biodiesel ( from inexpensive low-quality feed stocks without sacrificing the purity needed in the end product.

According to Dr. Rajiv Banavali, Process Chemicals Research Manager, Rohm and Haas, this technology is significant for biodiesel producers because it enables the use of lower cost feedstocks, such as animal fats, crude vegetable oils, soap stock, and other more affordable high, free fatty acid oil and fat feedstocks. "The majority of biodiesel production ( costs are in feedstocks," says Banavali. "Producers need flexibility in feedstocks, plus an economical process that is applicable for all oil streams with a very high conversion rate so the biodiesel yield and purity at the end is high."

Kim Ann Mink, Vice President and General Manager, Ion Exchange Resins, Rohm and Haas, adds, "The process economics and biodiesel quality are far more favorable with this catalyst technology than other standard solid catalysts. We are pleased that we can support the state of Pennsylvania and, at the same time, further demonstrate how this technology will benefit biodiesel producers."

In 2006, Rohm and Haas introduced AMBERLITEâ„¢ BD10 DRYâ„¢, an innovative technology for the purification of biodiesel ( without the use of water. AMBERLITEâ„¢ BD10 DRYâ„¢ technology is a simple and cost-effective solution for biodiesel purification that maximizes process yield.

Editor's Notes

* The catalyst is a key element in the entire biodiesel production ( process for enabling an efficient reaction of the key raw materials under modest operating conditions.

* AMBERLYST BD 20 is patent pending.

The excerpt from the Pennsylvania Press release is included below:

Rohm and Haas — $752,000 to demonstrate a newly developed polymeric catalyst technology that produces biodiesel from low-quality feed stocks, including crude soybean oil, rendered animal fats, waste vegetable oil and yellow grease. This technology will expand the field of available feedstocks, giving biodiesel producers greater flexibility and leading to increased volumes. The pilot scale facility will be mobile and made available for trial at other established biodiesel production facilities in Pennsylvania.

The full press release from the State of Pennsylvania can be found at:

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