Ricerca Biosciences Launches Two New Preclinical Assay Services

Ricerca Biosciences Launches Two New Preclinical Assay Services

(Concord, OH; July 26, 2012) – Ricerca Biosciences, an integrated preclinical pharmaceutical contract research organization (CRO), today announced the introduction of two new state-of-the-art cellular assay services: Early Safety Screening Cytotoxicity and ImmunoSIGNAL™ Cytokine Storm Cellular Assay. 

Early Safety Screening Cytotoxicity is a reliable, high throughput model of cytotoxicity testing that provides a quick and cost-effective option suitable for early in vitro toxicity liability assessment. This assay employs high-resolution cell imaging that allows more sensitive detection of cell loss and cell proliferation inhibition. It can run with any of five pre-validated human primary cells, the pre-validated primary cell panel, or cells chosen through collaboration with Ricerca's expert scientists.

ImmunoSIGNAL™ Cytokine Storm Cellular Assay is a unique proprietary in vitro assay that evaluates biologics for their potential to induce cytokine storm. Cytokine storm, or cytokine release syndrome, is a potentially fatal immune reaction characterized by the massive release of proinflammatory cytokines. Cytokine storm has recently been associated with monoclonal antibody therapy. In this assay, compounds are evaluated for their ability to stimulate human peripheral blood mononuclear cells to secrete specific cytokines and chemokines. The assay uses air-dry antibody binding, which produces superior induction of T cell cytokines, inflammatory cytokines, and chemokines.

According to Dr. Usha Warrior, Ricerca technical director of in vitro pharmacology, these two new cutting-edge assays are logical additions to Ricerca's expanding suite of drug development products and services.

"Bringing these crucial screening assays to the earliest stages of drug discovery with this cost-effective model liberates our clients from having to invest capital and time," said Dr. Warrior. "Ricerca has the capacity to screen hundreds of compounds a week with these new assays."

To learn more about Ricerca's Early Safety Screening Cytotoxicity or ImmunoSIGNAL™ Cytokine Storm Cellular Assay, contact 1-888-RICERCA (742-3722).

About Ricerca Biosciences
Ricerca Biosciences, offers a comprehensive suite of discovery, preclinical and development services to support drug candidates from discovery through IND and NDA on a global scale. Capabilities include molecular through in vivo screening and profiling, IND-enabling toxicology, API process chemistry and cGMP manufacturing of clinical and commercial API. At Ricerca, our scientific excellence and reliable, cost-effective strategies help accelerate your drug discovery programs via our U.S.-based facilities in Concord, Ohio, and Bothell, Washington, and our ISO 9001-certified facilities in Taipei, Taiwan, and Lyon, France. The Lyon and Concord facilities hold AAALAC certification. For more information, visit www.ricerca.com.

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