RHT Consulting and Hult International Business School Students Perform Benchmark Analysis for Technology Transfer

RHT Consulting and Hult International Business School Students Perform Benchmark Analysis for Technology Transfer and Commercialization

June 17, 2011 - LEESBURG, Va. - RHT Consulting, a leading provider of strategy consulting services in the Life Sciences industry, has developed a new technology transfer and commercialization benchmarking framework.  This framework has been applied by RHT Consulting and Hult International Business School students to more than 140 Universities.

The team was led by Rosemarie Truman of RHT Consulting and was comprised of six international students from Hult: Amit Chopra, Nikhil Chaudhary, Sipi Krishna, Mauricio Rincon Cetina, Rahul Papali and Jinwin Josey. The team also included an RHT Consulting senior consultant, Jonathan Lui, who served as the project manager.  The team's goal was to identify the leading practices that make a technology transfer organization successful.

"Multiple performance management frameworks have been created to benchmark technology transfer organizations over the years.  While many of them have important individual elements, there has never been a comprehensive model created that measures effectiveness, 'what is done'; efficiency, 'how it is done'; and overall ROI," said Rosemarie Truman, Founder and CEO of RHT Consulting. "RHT Consulting developed such a model, and the talented team from Hult worked extensively to apply and enhance RHT Consulting's performance benchmark for technology transfer.  The outcome was a quantitative assessment of ‘best in class' and ‘worst in class' technology transfer organizations.  The team then identified what makes the best superior and what to avoid in the inferior organizations.  Their findings provide valuable leading practices that can serve as a guide to make technology transfer organizations more successful."

"Our team was very enthusiastic about executing this technology transfer project, and each team member had a valuable learning experience," said Amit Chopra, project team lead and Hult MBA candidate.

Observations from the benchmark analysis will be published in a whitepaper at a later date in 2011.

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