In reversal, Merck plans to retain 486 Dutch R&D jobs; Valeant CEO is R&D-risk averse; superbug found in tap water;

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> After threatening to close three R&D sites in the Netherlands, laying off a thousand workers, Merck now says it will keep 486 workers. The move follows protests over the planned shutdown. Report

> Valeant CEO J. Michael Pearson has won over investors with his appetite for acquisitions and a reputation for slashing R&D. "R&D is a very risky investment," Pearson tells Bloomberg. "The odds of you succeeding in that are kind of against you." Story

> The FDA says that it has taken several steps to safeguard data at the agency after a chemist was accused of using insider information to reap a multimillion-dollar windfall on biotech stock trades. Story

> Concerned by an FDA advisory panel's split vote on a key claim for the newly approved antibiotic fidaxomicin, investors trimmed seven percent off its share price on Wednesday. Report

Pharma News

@FiercePharma:  Rejected Valeant aims to replace Cephalon board. Story | Follow @FiercePharma

> Some pharma products scarce in disaster-damaged Japan. Story

> Novartis sells off skin treatment for $420M. News

> Analyst: J&J may need a $10B-plus deal. Report

> GSK among final bidders for Turkey's Biofarma. Article

> Valeant bid re-focuses pharma M&A interest. Item

> Merck loses fight for Gardasil use in older women. Story

Vaccines News

> Nuron buys Hib vaccine from Wyeth, plots relaunch. Story 

> Biovest sees new opportunities following bankruptcy. Article 

> Dana-Farber finds new AIDS vax target. Report 

> Intercell and Novartis collaborate on Pseudomonas vax. Item

Manufacturing News

> Canine recruited in counterfeits fight. News

> Draft gives non-penicillin ops guidance. Article 

> Sweet deal keeps Bayer in NJ. Item 

> DHL teams for frozen shipments. Report

> HealthSport buys SMI assets. Story 

> Ningbo warning letter in line with FDA agenda. Article 

And Finally... The lethal NDM 1-positive bacteria, a superbug known for its resistance to drugs, has been found in New Delhi's water supply. Story